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A base set is a furniture set used in a bedroom and provides storage space under the bed. The plinth set consists of a plinth and sometimes additional parts such as a headboard or side cabinets.

The plinth is a frame located under the bed. It is usually made of wood or metal material. The base keeps the bed stable and also offers storage space under the bed. Base sets can be used to neatly store items such as duvets, pillows, seasonal clothing or other items.

Base sets can sometimes include additional items such as headboards or side cabinets. A headboard is a panel or piece of furniture placed at the head of the bed. The headboard can contribute to the decoration of the bedroom and also provides a comfortable support.

Side cabinets or side units can be placed on the side or head of the plinth set. These cabinets provide additional storage space and can often be used to store books, clothing, makeup or other personal items.

Base sets keep the bedroom tidy and functional, and also meet storage needs under the bed. Offering storage space provides more order in the room and ensures efficient use of space. The plinth sets are available in different sizes and designs, so you can choose the one that suits your personal preferences and bedroom decor.
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